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How do I eat Block O'Choc?

With your mouth, silly.

What's with the 1p in the price?

Profit. Well, that and the 99p convention is nonsense. It may have worked in the 1930s but modern Britons are smart(ish), savvy consumers. They aren't going to be tricked into buying something because they see it being £29.99 rather than £30. To prove it, we sell Block O'Choc for £30.01.

Where does your chocolate come from?

We get our chocolate from the Ivory Coast. It's made using 38% cocoa solids, and we also don't use vegetable fats or palm oil unlike some unscrupulous companies.

But seriously, how do I eat it?

OK, so we think the best way is to put Block O'Choc on a chopping board and get a big knife. Place the knife on the corner of the block and apply pressure. You could try rocking the knife back and forth. The knife will slowly start cutting the chocolate before it will break off into pieces. Please be careful, we're not responsible if you chop your fingers off.

Isn't this pretty pricy for Chocolate? Cadbury's much cheaper etc.

You have to bear in mind that our chocolate is made with more cocoa that Cadbury's and most other mainstream chocolate. 38%. That's pretty high for a milk chocolate. Also bear in mind that it's 1.6kg. Per 100g that's £1.88. And that's if you don't have a discount code.

Got any discount codes?

Probably the most asked questions we get. Guess what, no one got rich giving out free discount codes. Having said that IReadtheFAQs will give you 5% off.